Marius Wilms

I'm technologist and painter and enjoy to collaborate with people all around the world. I'm convinced how software is created today can be improved.



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Talks & Appearances

This lists talks and workshops I've been giving, as well as articles that have been written about me or projects I've lead.


In my early years I've been publishing some essays in the art space. Since 2010 I'm mostly writing about technical things and am the author of uncounted release announcements.

Important Side and Open Source Projects

During my studies I was often contacted by colleagues who asked for websites. That's when I founded NPIECE, a portfolio hosting platform, and started the development of it in 2008.

I've discovered CakePHP (a web framework, which was just getting big as part of the hype that followed Rails), while looking for a technological basis. It still needed some work, to make it useful for the purposes of my startup. To me this was also a chance, to contribute to something impactful.

After submitting important improvements, I was accepted into the framework project as a Core Developer in 2009 and continued in that role until 2010. I'm still very grateful for the time and colleagues I've met.

After CakePHP came li₃ (“the Jimi Hendrix of frameworks”), founded by the former Lead Developer and Product Manager of CakePHP, who I've followed onto the new project: first as a Core Developer from 2009 to 2016, then starting in mid-2016 as the Lead Developer of the framework.

While designing the globalization package of the framework, I've created Gettext PO/MO loaders for PHP. And I was glad to see, that these have been imported into Symfony (a popular PHP framework), wehre they are still in use today .

During the foundational years of Atelier Disko (a digital agency) I've built B-Series, an Open Source CMS and eCommerce System, which became the basis of nearly all client projects of the agency. With growing needs in the years that came after, I've built developer, workflow and infrastructure tooling.

DSK is an Open Source workbench to create design systems, that I'm developing together with Christoph since 2018. Its principles and our journey have been greatly described by him.


You can reach me via email. Phone calls can be arranged, too. For encrypted communication download my OpenPGP Key. My fingerprint is 761C 8678 F151 EE60 5442 1D47 C26D F2F1 18E6 34F4. Follow me on Twitter, fork me on GitHub or connect with me on LinkedIn.

photo of Marius Wilms

“We are creating technologies - then we are the technologies: Your heart is not LIKE a pump, your heart IS a pump. It’s not like your brain is like a computer, it is a computer. Until the next thing comes along: Now you’re a neural net or now you’re an information system.”

John Brockmann in an interview with Lutz Dammbeck, Das Netz, 2004