Marius Wilms

I'm tech lead, software creator and painter. I believe in digital innovation through multidisciplinarity.

As a longtime PHP professional and Go fan, I'm actively participating in the Open Source scene and enjoy collaborating with people all around the world.

I'm convinced that how software is created today, can be improved. By emphatic cross-functional-communication, the methods of Open Source and including other non-engineering-aspects into the process of software creation.

Work Experience


Talks & Appearances

  • Disovering Principles for Design System Tools, (Announcement), code.talks, Hamburg, Germany, upcoming in 2019
  • Where do you build a Design System?, (Slides), UXRoundtable, uxHH, Hamburg, Germany, 2018
  • Where do you build a Design System?, (Slides), Design Tools #1, Hamburg, Germany, 2018
  • Where do you build a Design System?, Go User Group, Hamburg, Germany, 2018
  • Code + Design, Hamburg, Germany2018
  • Coding Design Systems, (Slides), Techcamp 2018, Hamburg, Germany, 2018
  • The CakePHP Media Plugin, (Slides, Review), Cakefest, Berlin, Germany, 2009


In my early years I've been publishing some essays in the art space. Since 2010 I'm mostly writing about technical things and am the author of uncounted release announcements.

Important Side and Open Source Projects et al.

During my studies I was contacted by colleagues to create portfolio websites. That's when I came up with the idea of NPIECE as a portfolio platform which I started development of in 2008. It was my first startup, I had hopes to become a small business by itself and learned many things that are important in building a startup through.

I was looking for a technological foundation for the startup, I've discovered CakePHP, which was just getting big as part of the web framework hype that followed Rails. Still the framework did need some extra work, so I could use it. I saw that as a chance to contribute to something impactful.

After submitting important improvements I was accepted in to CakePHP as a Core Developer in 2009 and continued in that role until 2010.

After CakePHP came li₃ (“the Jimi Hendrix of frameworks”), founded by the former Lead Developer of CakePHP who I've followed onto the new project. There I've held the role of a Core Developer from 2009 to 2016 and became Lead Developer of the project in 2016.

I'm proud that the Gettext PO/MO loader as part of my work on the globalization package inside the framework has been friendly forked into Symfony where it is in use there still.

2013 is when I've co-founded Atelier Disko a digital agency in Hamburg in Berlin. During its foundational years I helped to build the B-Series, a CMS and eCommerce System, as well as - with growing needs of the agency - custom infrastructure tooling like hoi.

In 2018 and 2019 together with Christoph Labacher I've created DSK as a tool to create design systems.


You can reach me via email. Phone calls can be arranged, too.

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photo of David Persson

“We are creating technologies - then we are the technologies: Your heart is not LIKE a pump, your heart IS a pump. It’s not like your brain is like a computer, it is a computer. Until the next thing comes along: Now you’re a neural net or now you’re an information system.”
– John Brockmann in an interview with Lutz Dammbeck, Das Netz, 2004


Marius Wilms
c/o Atelier Disko
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